Join Windows Domain (Windows 7 only prob) over pfsense IPSEC VPN Tunnel

  • I have setup a gateway to gateway IPSEC VPN tunnel between pfsense 2.01 and a RV082 router however when i goto Join a domain on Windows 7 to windows 2003 (over VPN) i get a sephimore timeout expired error and from windows 7 to 2k12 server i get that the host name has become unknown or connection has been lost. I am thinking the IPSEC packets are being encapsulated funny perhaps causing the error (This problem does not occur on Windows XP)…. does anyone have any advice as to how i can fix or troubleshoot the issue. It would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone got this working perhaps i need to turn off Agressive mode or make some kind of changes to the VPN Connection.... the DNS and wins server are set to the Domain Controller.... and i can resolve hostnames