Two lan with vip

  • pfSense 2.0.1
    I have this problem:
    two lan:
    wan: xx.xx.xx.xx
    wan1: xx.xx.xx.xx
    squid transparent proxy
    configured with lan 192.168.2.x
    Virtual IPs configured on the LAN 192.168.3.x
    firewall roules: default on lan
                         : As the default on network
    lan all ok
    lan the pfsense see it,  but does not work as a gateway, proxy and router
    I guess it's a problem with the configuration of the rules or nat, but my attempts were unsuccessful
    someone can help me?

  • Did you set a firewall rule to allow that traffic? Default is deny on all interfaces but LAN and only to allow LAN Net ( in your case). If you have switched to manual outbound rules prior to setting up network, then you are going to be missing the NAT rules in the outbound nat for the network.

    screen shots works best for me. need just a bit more details.

  • With this rules, only https does not pass from vip (