Minor strange behavor of pftpx when i reconfigure something.

  • Hi im running pfSense 1.0-BETA1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-2-2-06.
    As a gateway router here, and everything is working fine
    except when i reconfigure something and it restarts a network
    card, i cannot use ftp from inside until i reboot the firewall.

    Should it be that way or can i put restarting the service pftpx in cron ?
    so it will relink it self to the network cards again.

    Regards Mike

  • What exactly are you changing when pftpx disappears?  I cannot reproduce this on a recent version.

  • When i try to put ftp helper on or off. in iether wan or lan interface.
    or when i try to activet Block private networks on iether lan or wan.
    and the same to Block bogon networks.

  • Well changing the FTP helper status on or off will alter pftpx from running.  I'll check into the bogons piece.