WAN gateway status always "Gathering data" though it's up

  • On my default WAN GW I set a monitor IP of (Google DNS). However, in Status - Gateways, my WAN GW is always shown as "Gathering data".

    Diagnostics - Ping, Host, Interface WAN works without problems.

    Any hint, why my WAN GW is always in state "Gathering data"? For a second gateway interface, a 3G Surfstick, it works fine.

  • solved. my fault was that was the monitor IP for 2 WANs. The monitoring IPs have to be different, because a static route is added for each monitoring IP. When the same IP is used twice, the static route that is generated first is overwritten by the second generated static rule for that IP.

    Edit: Not sure why this is a problem - shouldn't that accidently always show both interfaces/WANs up? In my case one is always shown down…