Vpn to sonicwall 3060 dns question

  • Hello,

    I have successfully setup a Ipsec vpn tunnel from pfsense to a sonicwall 3060.  It is not passing dns information from the corpoate lan (sonicwall) to my house lan (pfsense).  I've had a looked around the settings but nothing has jumped out at me.  Can someone point me in the right directions?  Can I place the corporates dns server in an entry on the pfsense box somewhere?


  • Put the corp. dns server ip in system -> general

  • Other option to only use the corporate dns for your domain is add it as DNS for your domain only at the bottom of the Services>DNS forwarder at the webgui.
    You might need to add a static route to get these requests into the tunnel:
    Interface LAN, Destination <ip of="" remote="" dns="">/32, gateway<lan ip="" of="" your="" pfsense=""></lan></ip>

  • That works, of course using the fqdn.  Any way for netbios names to work?  Also does the vpn connection stay on all the time or is that the meaning of the 28800 time out feature.


  • In recent versions if you wish to keep the vpn alive all the time plug in a ping ip.  You'll see it as an option on each ipsec config screen.  Simply put the ip of the other endpoint and pfSense will ping that host every 5 minutes.

  • Okay, while I have been successful in establishing a vpn tunnel my colleague has not.  I am running the latest snapshot while he is trying out an embedded device (nortel contivity 100 using pfSense-Embedded-1.0BETA1.img.gz ).  We have set everything up pretty much the same but he is still not having luck making the connection.  Would this have anything to do with the embedded version he is running?


  • beta1 is more than 1 month old. though I don't recall problems with ipsec and beta1 I would suggest trying the latest snapshot embedded build found here: http://pfsense.com/~sullrich/1.0-BETA1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-2-2-06/pfSense.img