Slow speeds on OPT interfaces

  • Im having a bit of an odd issue,  I am running the latest snapshot as of this morning 1-15-2013.  before that snapshot from Jan 3rd

    When i run a speed test from the lan i get 33M down and 6M up, if I do the speed test from the WLAN (opt1) i get anywhere from .9M to 2M down and anywhre from .4M to .9M up speeds,  I do not have any traffic shaping, nor any limiters.  WLAN does run the captive portal, but I have disabled the captive portal with no changes in the speed.

    I ran 2.0.1 up until the beginning of december before upgrading,  and have had no issues in the past with speed.  I have not made any changes to the config in months, so it is nothing I have done.

    What logs / output can I provide to help track this down, I have 2 firewalls that were upgraded this morning doing the exact same thing.

    Thank you


  • You have renamed your OPT1 interface to WLAN which to me implies it is perhaps access via a WiFi access point.

    Are you sure you are comparing like with like?

    Can you confirm that your speed testing through the "WLAN" interface is via an ethernet switched connection with no WiFi involved?


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