• Hi,

    Currently, I’m configuring pfSense and have a connection with AP that I installed hostapd. My connection is WAN –> LAN --> OPT1 whereby the OPT1 connected to AP. On AP, I created bridge mode and IP address for both OPT1 ( and bridge ( have the same subnet. The question is OPT1 can ping to bridge but why I cannot ping from bridge to OPT1 which is on the same subnet but it doesn’t work?

  • You see it getting blocked in the firewall log?

  • Yeah, I see in the firewall log the bridge is blocked but I have disabled the firewall. How to make the bridge unblock?

  • Now, the AP with bridge can ping to pfSense  ;D The OPT1 and LAN must be in the same subnets. PfSense works like a switch and the problem comes when many interfaces with different subnets getting into the same switch.

    There is another problem comes when I connected client to the AP (OPT1), the client has received DHCP from WAN. How to make the client received DHCP from OPT1?