New Error with OpenVPN 2.3

  • I'm seeing this error numerous times in my /Status/System Logs/OpenVPN log entries while connecting through Road Warrior tunnel.

    openvpn[93131]: client1/aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:xxxx write UDPv4: Operation not permitted (code=1)

    Seems to be cosmetic since I can connect fine, but was wondering if anyone had any insight or confirmation of reproducing this error.  Only started after upgrading to the latest snap that featured the newer OpenVPN 2.3.

  • There are quite a few reasons for that error to appear. Is there by any chance some additional message?

    What does the log say about the following two lines?
        UDPv4 link remote
        UDPv4 link local

    Any firewalls rules that could prevent the traffic from passing?

    Do you have multiple clients / servers configured on your pfSense? Are any of them using 'any' as their interface?

  • Jan 16 19:07:16 openvpn[36432]: UDPv4 link remote: [undef]
    Jan 16 19:07:16 openvpn[36432]: UDPv4 link local (bound): [AF_INET]eee.fff.ggg.hhh:xxxx

    Link Remote and Link Local look fine, showing my Home IP and OVPN UDP Port on the bottom line for this Road Warrior Setup.

    I only have one other OVPN instance which is Client for a Site to Site VPN but that above error in my first post is specific to my Road Warrior Server Tunnel.
    Both Site to Site and the Road Warrior VPNs are using WAN as interface.

    Nothing in my firewall logs.  Using another remote site now and I cant reproduce the error.  I'm wondering if this error was strictly due to the remote wireless network I connect to when I'm at work.

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