How to give a specific IP address to a DVR in a Multi-WAN environment

  • Hello,

    I am a beginner with PFsense and I hope that my terminology is correct and provide enough information.

    I have a DVR system that uses port 9000, and 18000 to access.  I have a Multi-Wan setup.  However, one of our WAN port to provide internet is the provided by the government and they have a firewall and have blocked port 9000 and 18000.

    Thankfully, we were able to get another internet provider and they do not have any ports being blocked by this provider.

    My question, I have setup a Multi-WAN network with both providers, and I want my DVR to only access the provider with nothing being blocked so that we can access our security camera from anywhere in the world.  How do I get this accomplished?

    We are using a Multi-WAN failover with the government provider as the default gateway.  We are using the government provider because have a 4mb connection, compared to a 512k connection with the other provider with no firewall.

    The static IP address of the DVR is
    DHCP is turned on

    Do I need to create a firewall rule?

    Also, is there a status monitor that shows the IP and the gateway it is accessing.

    If you need more information, please let me know.  Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Blessings, Steve

  • port forwarding (see NAT)

  • I understand how to open a port to get access to my DVR.

    My question is: I want to configure the Pfsense so that the DVR is accessing the WAN with no firewall from the internet provider.  Again, I have one wan connection that connects to provider that blocks almost all ports, and I have another provider that is open.

    How do I get the DVR to always use the WAN connection that does not have a firewall in a multi-WAN environment?


  • Incoming connections get routed out the line they came in on.

  • I must not be explaining myself very well.  I have attached a simple network design of what I am trying to accomplish.  Essentially, I want the DVR to always connect to the internet that is using OI.  How do I configure this to work within Pfsense?  I hope the drawing helps.  Thanks and blessings, Steve

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    If you want that your outbound traffic go through a "determined" WAN, then use "Policy Routing"

  • Thanks.  The Policy Routing worked.  I essentially created a rule under the firewall tab, choose the Lan tab, and designated my DVR to use a specific gateway of my chose.

    Thanks and blessings, Steve