• Hello,
    I need to stop services like: miniupnpd & pftpx
    I don't need them running all time.

    I'd try to enable UPnP in services tab, then disable it. Everything looks to work properly:
    When enabled UPnP, it works as it's supposed to and is listed in Status/Services … when it's stoped - not listed, but I still got a miniupnpd running in background.

    74778  ??  Ss     0:00.18 /usr/local/sbin/miniupnpd -f /var/etc/miniupnpd.conf

    And what exactly doing that pftpx service? Handling uploads? Well how can I stop and start it whenever I want to?
    It may be good idea to make start/stop options in GUI.

  • pftpx is the FTP proxy. Disable it if you don't want it running.

    miniupnpd not stopping after you disable it is a bug, I opened a ticket.

  • A Bug? Wow.

    I'm going to need a help with that FTP-Proxy. I did not enable something like it and I can't find from where to stop it.

    I found that… thanks!