Tftpd logging??

  • Hi!

    I am searching how to enable tftpd logging. For tptpd-proxy I found adding "-v" does it. But this does not help with some errors I am encounting. I need tftpd writing logs. What are the options the tftpd server uses? I found "-w" to make it accept put-requests and "-s" to changeroot to the given directory. But I could not find an option to make it log to syslog.

    Any idea??


  • Seems this tftp-server has an error not working correctly. The error leads to delivery of files with relative paths, but fails finding ones with an absolute path given (files retrived by "boot/pxe.0" are found, while ones retrived by "/boot/pxe.0" are not).

    Solution: remove the tftp-server package, then go to the dns-forwarder configuration and enter (in advanced configuration):


    After saving this new config, dnsmasq will enable its internal tftp-server and serve files from "/tftpboot" to the clients. Works like a charm, because this tftp-server does what it is expected to do: handle paths with "/" prepended correctly (drawback: this tftp-server does not allow writing to the served filesystem at all)!


    Exactly what I needed to do - I'm always tickled when someone actually posts their own solution instead of saying "I fixed it" - I've added a few links to your note - there are lots of other people with similar issues, but some of them don't seem to have found answers as pretty.


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