Help: how to force certain sites to specific gateway

  • how can i let Lan clients use a specific gateway if they access a site like youtube?
    Im using 2.0.1 64bit
    light squid.
    multi-wan with loadbalancing 3 wan

    what i did is made a firewall rule to Lan
    ang made alias on all ip of youtube as destination.
    and gateway to wan1 only.

    would this work?or do i have to add another floating rule
    or Nat rule?nthanks..

  • As far as I know, you wont be able to route " specific " sites..example..

    routing out WAN 1


    routing out WAN 2

    at least as far as I know, please correct me if this is incorrect..  :-\

    You can say have…all Secure traffic out 1 and regular out the other

    route all HTTPS traffic via 443 ---> WAN 1

    route all HTTP traffic via 80 ----> WAN 2

    ... Not really sure what your plan is or why you want/need it that way... My suggestion to you is to take a gateway group, Tier 1 both wans , set it for packet and latency and route all outgoing traffic on the multiwan gateway, not only does this give you lb but redundant connection now ..

    **Note if both your WAN Connections are on the same gateway , you will need to put another router inbetween 1 wan connection to NAT a new gateway address like say

  • thanks for the reply. My reason doing this is because i have a limited bandwidth. i dont want to put them on tier 1 because it will eat up all my bandwidth. i just want WAN1 to handle youtube.

  • sites would not work …

    what you could do is find out all the IP's youtube uses; create 1 alias for that set of ip's.

    then create a firewall rule any-->alias with gateway WAN1

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