Help to configure pfsense for ISP that uses VLAN

  • I am not sure if this is something common done by ISPs around the world.

    However, in my country, our ISP uses VLAN tagging for our fibre internet broadband. The line that goes into our router uses VLAN 500. So they provided a d-link router that support VLAN 500. However, this d-link router is lousy. I am trying to setup pfsense for this but somehow failed to configure it properly.

    I followed the guide here:

    I am still unable to make the WAN connection. When I click connect on the OPT1 connection (configured with VLAN500), it just refuse to connect to my ISP.

    Anyone can help?


  • If you have a way to pull the config file from the dlink and paste it here in text form perhaps someone can pinpoint the problem.

    Somewhat related.  Our fiber ISP left an old Cisco 1841 to act as our gateway.  It only has 100m ports and we have 100m bandwidth from them.  It uses OSPF to connect back to their colo location then out to the internet.  I haven't played with pfSense and the Quagga OSPF package yet, but it's certainly on my to do list.  Not sure if a little dlink box might have OSPF, but perhaps there is more to the config than just a vlan.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Please post some PPP logs from a failed connection attempt.
    Either your connection attempt is being refused, in which case your VLAN setup is probably correct, or you are seeing no reply at all, in which case your VLAN setup is not sufficient to reach the PPPoE server at your ISP.


  • Due to needing to setup this in urgency, I had tried using Endian Firewall Comunity and it works with VLAN500 tagging. However, I prefer pfsense actually. I will try to test it one more time using livecd and then post the logs here. Will have to wait until when no one is around in my office. And that is tough since we even have people coming in to work during weekends.