Simple 2-LAN, 1-WAN config? mainly subnetting questions

  • Hi there,

    I want to have a separate LAN/guest interface. Right now I have a 1-LAN interface with a with a subnet mask… what do I do if I want to add a separate LAN interface in terms of IPs and subnets? Can I just make it a completely different with a mask? Or does it need to be a 192.168.x.x IP range? I plan to point both LAN interfaces to the same WAN interface for internet access. The 2 LAN interfaces don't need to see each other.

    Just wondering what kind of configs you guys can recommend or have experience with?


  • It can be whatever you want. You probably want a firewall rule to block traffic to your current lan!

  • add a 2nd opt and name it guest( or what you want ) set the ip to your or what ever you want
    and to create 2 rules 1 to allow subnet10 to wan
    and create a 2 rule block all other nets to subnet10

  • Remember since rules are evaluated from top to bottom to place the block rules first. At the end they'll have no effect.

  • VLANs ?

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