"1\. Enable Proxy helper…on the WAN interface." - What proxy helper? Not there.

  • Hi. I am trying to set up FTP forwarding or proxy on PfSense 2.0.0.

    The sticky thread at the top of the NAT forum and also other documentation refers to an "FTP helper". Specifically, there is meant to be an option to "Enable Proxy Helper" on the WAN interface configuration form.

    I have attached what I see on both our PFSense 2.0 installations. I can't find that option.  I also can't find a "Proxy Helper" in the list of available packages.

    Have I missed or misunderstood something?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is for 1.2.x.

    In 2.x, the FTP proxy is always on, and is in the kernel.

  • OK thanks, that's answered my question.