Squidguard Schedule NOT working

  • I am bringing up this article again:

    There have been nearly 4000 views.  I have found that the squidguard does not seem to check the schedule for rules on version 2.01, 2.02, nor on 2.1 (all current versions).

    I don't see any errors in the logs, and like the others on the forum, I am not using any customer redirects.

    Is there any known work around for this ?  There was a bit of a blurb about restarting squidguard, but wouldn't this cause active connections to be dropped ?


  • Sometimes in this year there was a fix on squidguard_configurator.inc with a missing/wrong path to squid.inc
    Can you please update/reinstall your squidguard package and try again.

    The newest version should contain the XMLRPC function on GUI and the squid.inc fix.
    Further check if the syntax of your SQ config is the same as here:

    On other threads I read that some people had other problems and they could be fixed with:
    1.) SquidGuard –> Save
    2.) SquidGuard --> Apply
    3.) Squid --> Save

    So perhaps doing this 3 steps one time and then try if the times are working. If you do any changes on SQ then try to click Save on any squid config, too.

  • It is working now…THANK YOU !!!

    However, I find it strange.  I looked at the link you sent and found that the filter config was missing the "within" clause which was simply a check box in the groups acl, however, the section that contains that check box was missing on some versions of the gui.  I had a snap-shot backup of the machine from three weeks ago when I re-formatted did a clean install of 2.02 and and there entire Time section is missing from the GUI config.

    Anyway, after all current updates have been applied, the Time selection is there and all is well.  It must have been something I did, but THANK YOU again for your swift response !

    pfSense RULES !