• Hello,

    I was wondering if Pfsense has a way to monitor what gateway a client is using.  For example, the status of the DHCP is very helpful, but I would like to have another column that states which gateway the client is using.  I am in Multi-WAN environment.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance, blessings, Steve

  • If I understand the question correctly , You want to Monitor the WAN Gateway that a host is 'using'.. Well I'm not sure if it is an option on pfsense, but none the less depending if how you have your MultiWAN Gateway setup, If it's set tier 1 , tier 2 then it will be going out tier 1 until it fails over to tier 2.. if it is setup for load balance both gateways set at tier 1 , then the gateway the the host will be using will be constantly changing.. An easy way to see this is go to a website such as www.dnsleaktest.com and hit refresh multiple times, you will see it change from 1 to the other

  • Yes, you understood correctly.  I am using load balance configuration and I just wanted to be able to see what gateway each of the devices on my network were connected to.  I did not realize that under a load balance scenario that the gateway would change frequently.  Thanks for your reply.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If (and only if) you use Sticky connections, which makes sure a given client always routes through a single gateway even when load balancing, then there is an additional tab under Diagnostics > States called "source tracking" that lists the relationships between a client and the gateway they're routing through.

    Sticky has other drawbacks but if you need your clients to "stick" to a particular WAN for all their traffic, and see what that WAN is, then it can be useful.