• So im a noob!! And wanted to know what i mocked up is possible.

    see image attached (hopes it works)

    I plan on using a alix2d3 for the pfsesne box.

    If possible i need recommendations on a good switch.  THANKS

  • I don't see any problems to do this kind of topology. Please go to doc.pfsense.org and lookup some more info, or use search on this server

  • If that "incoming WANs" switch is segregated into one VLAN per WAN, that's a reasonable design. Having a bunch of WANs on a single broadcast domain is somewhere between problematic and impossible depending on what type of WANs they are.

  • Is the purpose of the different DSL lines aggregation, redundancy or something else? Depending on the DSL lines and the number of users that will be part of this network an alix2d3 might be quite close to its limits. Also can you explain where the wifi repeaters are supposed to be connected to?

  • DSL lines are for aggregation.

    WIFIs represents 3g and 4g connections.

    The chart is list more WAN then i would really use.