Not sure if NAT or Routing problems, but giving a shot anyway

  • So the PF box will have 1 WAN connection, and 1 LAN connection. But the wan connection is part of a network at my school. I have the static IP they gave me and the default gateway for the subnet that the box is on, but i can't get internet access from behind the PF box.

    Ive tried connecting a PC directly to the internet line, using the static IP they gave me and it works. I just can't get to the internet through the box.

    Im sure this is just something that ive slightly screwed up that is breaking everything

  • Because your wan side is actually LAN ip you don't have to hide it..
    Problem lies on your rules. Edit WAN interface that uncheck following: Block private networks and try again

  • @Metu69salemi:

    Because your wan side is actually LAN ip you don't have to hide it..


    And that box is already unchecked.

    Do i need to set up a bridge or something?

  • Aha. You're overcomplicating simple things..
    You don't need bridging, your wan interface is some bridge: learning state.
    Just use normal static interface without bridging.

    After you got your internet working, then you can adjust whatever you want. But please tell, why you need bridging?

  • If you say i don't need bridging, then i don't need it.

    I just cant get the fundamental first internet connection through the box. That's what i'm asking: What setting do i have to change to get this working?

  • Wan side: ip + sm + gw
    Lan side: different subnet than wan

    That's it basically

    Edit: Forgot to mension, also working dns is good to have..

  • Try to keep it simple by breaking down into small steps:

    1. Can you ping / trace from pfs to WAn and beyond? If tou can then that side is ok.
    2. Can you access outside by IP but not name? If so then DNS issue
    3. Need to show routing and firewall rules for LAN / WAN to find out more details