• Hello All

    I want to load some arguments  in the bootup of the pfsense, right after it load it interfaces..

    I was told to put those arguments at rc.conf

    where do I find it and how do I do that.

    where can i find the script that search the interfaces and load them up based on the drivers?

    if i add a new Ethernet card, how do I link the driver to it?


  • /etc/rc.conf

  • You shouldn't need to load a driver for a new ethernet card, but if you are loading some non-standard driver, you would probably need to copy the loadable modules to /boot/kernel/ and add a line to /boot/loader.conf. What is it that you need to load a driver for?

  • Well for the first question

    I did not find any rc.conf in the /etc/ folder
    it just not exist there… I am referring to beta 1.2 - 1/2

    for the next question I need to add a wireless card that is why I need to add some strings into the rc.conf

  • pfSense does not use any FreeBSD init scripts.  Everything is custom written in PHP.

    You should only need to assign the interface and it will be tagged as a wireless.

  • If you've already messed with ndisgen and can't get it to work, my advice is to get a supported card (Atheros chipset) off ebay and stop messing with the Netgear.

  • Well I already bought this card and it wasnt cheap one

    Help me to solve the problem not with buying other cards, that will maybe work and maybe not…

  • atheros-chip based cards DO work
    (not maybe, maybe not)
    informing yourself what's supported and what not before buying something might be an option for future purchases.

    just follow the instructions in your own link.
    after the card is recognised it will show up in the gui to configure.

  • well that is why i need to add strings into the rc.conf
    but i do not find it anywhere, so where other place i can add those strings that the system will load at startup ?

    You talked about atheros chipsets that works, can you recommend a card that support and work in pfsense on 802.11/n mode as well?