• Can anyone point me to the location of the Cron Job that is used to update the ip address for Dynamic DNS?

  • /etc/rc.dyndns.update
    Because my ISP seems to regularly reset their equipment and I get new IPs often, sometimes multiple times a day, I have used the Cron package to modify my job so it checks every 15 minutes. See screenshot.

  • Ha thats funny I just wrote a post about this exact thing in another part of the forum before I looked back here to see if anyone awnsered. I found the location finally after a bit more googling.

    Funny part is I also set it to update every 15 mins but using the other method.

    Thread here: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,58034.0.html

    Thanks for the awnser though.

  • Note: If you directly edit /etc/crontab, then that will be overwritten next time you reboot. The crontab is generated from entries the pfSense config.xml
    To make it permanent, install the Cron package and edit the job from there - then both config.xml and /etc/crontab get updated.