• I would like to build a router/dsl modem.

    Right now I have a intel e8400 and I will be getting http://www.microcenter.com/product/380270/P5G41T-M_LX_Plus_Socket_775_G41_mATX_Intel_Motherboard this mobo to go along with it.

    We only have 2 computers that need an actual ethernet cable, and the rest are all wireless. I would like to have the fastest ethernet and wireless possible because I have an SSD that I will use to cache websites, and eventually I would like to build a separate file server and things like that.

    I want to make sure everything I get is compatible, and for the PC parts, I am pretty sure everything I am getting will play nicely with PFsense, but the network cards in particular is where I am more or less lost.

    I know I need three cards. One for wireless, one for gigabit ethernet, and another for DSL.

    The first two cards I would like to know what the best things I can buy are. Price is no too much of an issue here, but I would not like to spend more than 200 bucks on all three cards.

    On the topic of the DSL PCI modem, I know they exist, but I am not sure if they would work with this software.

    The reason I am building this router is because our DSL modem keeps crapping out on us. We have had to replace it so many times, that it would be easier just to build one and make sure it doesn't fail. Again, this is why I don't mind spending a bit of money.

  • 1 - Overkill, use it for your file server. A cheaper/smaller/quieter Atom system can be build for ~200.
    2 - If you need the fastest possible wifi use a separated AP.
    3 - DSL PCI Modems, well they are a modem connected to a pci NIC in a single package. If the nic chipset is supported it should work.

    You should check your phone line, my DSL modem have been working almost 24/7 for 7 years.

  • Why not grab a board like this. It already has a Intel NIC and should be even lower power use. You could also try and underclock/volt the e8400 for more power savings.


    You can then get a second Intel PCIe NIC for $20-$30 if you want to avoid VLANs like I do.

    I also suggest a separate AP like the Ubiquiti Unifi. Mine has been very stable once set up, and they have a dual band Pro model available now.

    You could try this for a new DSL modem. It has pretty good reviews.


  • The only strike against the Ubiquiti gear is that everything I've read says the system software needs a Mac or Windows host machine to run on. You can manage it from anywhere once you have set up the host but you have to have that host.