RRD Graphs stop after ~10hrs, hasn't been pfSense version specific either…

  • Hello,

    I've been running pfSense for a while now (6 months) having changed from m0n0wall.

    Anyway, I was initially using v1.0.1,which gave me no real problems, until the system decided to forget my entire config file.  The RRD graphs on this install were never graphing for more than 24hrs, usually 10 or less.  I decided not to chase this up, assumingg it was just an issue with the current version. I took the config file loss as an excuse to upgrade to the most recent beta available for public download via the website.

    Whilst I see some new much more detailed RRD graphs, they still never seem to pass 10hrs.  Being that the graphs have been upgraded, why I am still suffering from this problem? Is it linked to the loss of my config file? Bad RAM?

    A reboot does cause the graphs to start graphing again, but never for very long.  Instead, the graphs display no lines and "nan" where there should be numbers.

    Any thoughts?