• I have a really strange issue with pfSense 2.0.1-RELEASE  (amd64.) Twice I have made configuration changes such as adding interfaces, VLANs, firewall rules, etc. I have applied those changes and tested them. I am positive about this because I have software in which IP addresses in these new VLANs was used and tested.

    However some time passes and when I go back these changes to the configuration have become undone. I have attempted to view the logs but this is not possible because they do not go further back than 48 hours.

  • Most commonly that's because someone undoes something someone else did, sometimes by restoring a backup, sometimes by deleting things. Config history keeps 30 revisions, should go back more than 48 hours unless you're making a lot of changes. Diag>Backup/restore, Config history.

    Could be possible when running from a live CD and having a problem with the storage medium used to keep the config, if it fails to write out and the system reboots. Same could theoretically happen from a drive failure on a full install though I'd consider that unlikely. You'd likely have much bigger issues.

  • This is a full install on a hard drive. I am pretty sure nobody has reverted it and the last 30 configurations saved are from only a few days ago.

    If I could store 1GB of logs and 1GB of configurations I could at least attempt to track down the issue.

  • you can change /etc/inc/config.lib.inc to bump that 30 revision limit to however much you want it to be.

  • What about the logs? Where can I increase the amount of logs stored? I do not want to setup a syslog server.