• dear friends I presently configured pppoe 10mps broadband connection to my pfsene . I need to implement 2mbs ILL connection to the same pfsense I have 3 lan card one em0.fxp0.re0 I dont know why the interface look like this …(em0 = WAN  fxp0= LAN  reo= 10WAN )

    fxp0= LAN  reo= 10WAN

    This where presently working now . I can ping to the outside world by the above interface .

    WAN connection is not allow me to ping with dns servers I can only ping its gateway      ........

    I added static Ip address with it mask 29 .I got the pool range and it mask is  I think 29 is correct and I give dns by General setup option and change its interface none to wan is that enough
    for set up new wan connection ................

  • I got the answer .This is nothing like same as usual set up …..make the both gateway together and make load balancing .If any body want to know this please ask me I will share it