Reaching a SSH server inside the LAN… Urgent!

  • First of all this is my setup on my soekris 4801 machine:

    sis0 = LAN1 (Static
    sis1 = WAN (PPPoE, dynamic IP)
    sis2 = LAN2 (Static

    Inside LAN2 I have a server on IP with a SSH-server on port 22 which I would like to reach from outside the WAN.

    But I would still like to keep the SSH server intact on pfsense.. So maybe it's possible to have pfsense convert port for example port 242 -> 22 ? So if I connect to the pfsense WAN IP with port 22 I reach the pfsense SSH-server and if I connect with port 242 I reach the ssh-server at

    For example if I would like to connect to the ssh server on LAN2 from the internet (WAN) I use the command: 'ssh -p 242'. Then pfsense connects me to the ssh server on port 22 at

    Edit: This is kinda urgent, so I will really appreciate a quick answer/solution

  • Not a 100% sure, wouldn't you want to setup NAT and setup port forwarding? That way, you can port forward WAN:242 –>

  • Sounds like a pretty standard port forward setup - look at the NAT menu.