RADIUS works in PPTP but not as Auth-server and with OpenVPN?

  • Hi!

    Any issues here that we should know about?

    As the subject says. I have full working auth on RADIUS for the PPTP-server (which I trying to replace with the OpenVPN solution…  :) )

    RADIUS-server is a Windows 2008 R2 DC running "Network Policy Server"
    The Windows server doesn't see the RADIUS requests from pfSense.
    LDAP auth works.
    Local auth works.

    Running latest build per today.

  • Just check your radius configuration!

  • I interpret that answer like there is not any problem with RADIUS as auth-server in pf. That it is all my fault not knowing how to configure the stuff…  ;)

  • Recreated the RADIUS config and I must have made some thing different this time.

    It work perfectly now! OpenVPN is ready to replace PPTP!

    Didn't suspect the RADIUS config first because it worked so well with the PPTP-server.

    So with that, I can confirm that there is no problem with the RADIUS Auth-server part in current build of pf.