SSID is still broadcasting even if wireless interface is disabled

  • This weekend I experienced a wireless issue. First, I enabled the wifi interface on OPT1 which is an atheros based mini pci-e card. After few minuets, I disabled the interface however, the SSID was still broadcasting.

    While the OPT1 (wireless) interface was disabled the SSID was still broadcasting but clients couldn't get IPs since the DHCP for the OPT1 was also disabled.  I am still able to reproduce the problem.

    In order to stop broadcasting my SSID, I have to boot the pfSense each time.

    This seems to be a bug on 2.1 and I just want to share it.

  • Should be fixed on later snapshots.

  • I can reproduce the problem on the latest snapshot. Could this be some sort of corruption that is specific on my pfsense?

    Does anyone have the same problem?

  • it happened to me a day back, will need to check with the latest snap

  • Yeah latest snap has the fixes.