Multi WAN authentication issues on websites

  • Hello folks,

    I have a pfsense 2.0.1 RELEASE in MultiWAN (both Gateways from the same ISP in same Tier) load balancing mode.
    The standard firewall rule directs all outgoing packets to the WAN group.
    It works perfect but we have some issues when eg authenticating on one of our websites. Every time I will authenticate on the page with my username und password I get redirected to the authentication page. If I direct the outgoing packets only to WAN1, everything is fine.

    Anyone here with the same problem?

    Best regards

  • The websites are seeing you coming from a different address and hence thinking it is a new connection so the authentication is probably expiring. Maybe try enable sticky connections … System > Advanced >Miscellaneous

  • Thanks! I missed the point somewhere to enable sticky connections. After that, everything looks great! :)

    Best regards