• Hello everyone,

    1st of all I am gonna create a topology of my network and  afterwards I will explain my problem… So I have:

    Leased line is for games. Games are redirected to this line through pfsense.

    aDSL-1 line is for http traffic where also is redirected through pfsense.

    aDSL-2 line is also for http traffic and works just the same like aDSL-1.

    aDSL-3 line is for downloads and is also redirected through pfsense.

    Leased line uses a different IP block from the local IP block and is on nat 1:1 on pfsense, which works just great. All the other aDSLs have an IP for gateway which belongs on the local network. Same rules, for redirecting on every router but here comes the BUT….

    the aDSL lines seems to have at random times, lots of packet loss.

    So my question is if there are any rules or settings I should spcially take look at so I can make the adsl lines work as good as the leased line...?

    FYI if I set a gateway on a pc that goes straight to the router the connection works just fine... if I make it run through pfsense that's where the problems occur.

    Thanks in advance! For any questions or info I might haven't left behind plz feel free to ask...