MS Direct Access over pfSense

  • Hi all,

    Just started out with PfSense and must say it has a load of functionality I intend to use…  :)
    Currently I'm on an IpFire that does the job quite nicely but will be replaced by the pfsense shortly.

    Now the question:
    I'm trying to get MS Direct Access to work. using this tutorial
    I'm using the Squid3 reverse proxy for multiple server access over https and thats working like a charm…
    I do get to the connect page from ouside (over WAN to LAN) and then it stops...  :-
    I know MS is trying to set up a VPN over https (443) but i'm guessing the firewall blocks this. Altough there is a rule that allows 443 to connect and then Squid takes over...

    The rules are OK, Reverse proxy is OK, but i'm having trouble to accomplish this and don't know where to start.
    Any ideas? Does anybody have experience with DA?

    By the way, If i use a wireless router TPLink with a somewhat of a default setup it works! so i know it has to do with the pfSense...

    Thanx for the help,

  • Did you get this to work?

    I need to implement Direct Access sometime soon so was seeing if its possible with pfSense

    or am I forced to use UAG / TMG :(

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