Multiple Vlan on one nic, inter vlan routing issue

  • Good morning,

    First, sorry for my not really perfect english.

    i hope to get some hintshere regarding my issue with pfsense.

    I have 3 physical NICS

    Nic 1: WAN
    Nic 2: Management
    Nic 3: 3 Vlans

    Setup looks like this:
    Internet -> Fritxbox router -> pfsense -> Cisco 2950 trunk mode -> clients

    Nic 2 and Vlans on Nic 3 have own networks including own DHCP range. each Network has been assigned a static IP.
    FW Rules is allow any any

    I get from all networks a DHCP adress, and im able to access the internet, but i was not able to Ping from one Network to any device on other networks, only the static IP of each network was pingable. From the Pfsense comand shell im able to ping everything.

    My workaround was to create for each Network a own Gateway and to add static routes to the networks.
    After that it worked fine. I read that pfsense should make inter vlan routing automatically, so i`m not sure this is the common
    way to fix this issue.

    I didnt find same solution for similar issues, so im not sure if i have maybe another problem that should
    fix this issue.

    Thanx for your help.

    Best regards from Germany,

  • Any host based firewalls on those devices? Usually those allow only own subnet to contact not the neighbor..
    Firewall ping is accepted, because by default firewall(/router) uses same subnet to contact those devices