• I am trying to get the RRD Email Reports to work, but PFSense is just not sending out the email?  I have the SMTP set in the System>advanced>notifications area to a working SMTP server of the ISP, and have a to and from email shown.

    Does anything else need doing?


  • When you hit test does it work? Not sure what requirements your ISP needs but make sure ssl  or username pass is enabled accordingly as most isps have blocked port 25.

  • Thanks.

    No, it doesn't work if I send it directly.

    I have monitoring setup in my router too, and use the same SMTP server in that, and it sends out emails just fine.  There is no authentication or anything required with my ISP, they let you openly use their SMTP servers if you are on their network.

    Do I need to open ports in the PFsense outgoing NAT?  Or does PFsense send the emails out circumventing the firewall?

  • I dont remember having to change any other setting to get my emails to work. Once they work from the settings page the rrd ones will work.

    To be honest even though for a bit my isp would allow both authenticated and non i think i had to put in the username/pass to get it to work. Can you use authentication for your outbound server? if so, enable authentication and see if it works.

  • It seems the ISP didn't like the 'FROM' address and was blocking the email.  Using a different 'FROM' address to one the ISP is aware of solved the issue.  Got this answer after googling the 550 error in the system logs.

    All is working now, thanks.

    What mail system does the package use to send emails?  I have some tweaks with my pfsense on the captive portal, and would like to implement some emails sending from there, but not sure if PHP's mail() command will work - goes off to try

  • phpmailer - Perfect :-)