Outgoing: Exchange > IMSVA > public ip incoming: public ip > Exchange, HOW TO?

  • Hello, sorry for asking this simple question but pFsense is a whole different world for me, having trouble to understand how it works. And when i search on internet alternate configuration suggestions are really confusing.

    So, basically, i've just installed pfsense, thanks god it provides internet by default. I've been able to 1:1 nat public ip to mail server too. But how can i forward spam scanner to public ip?

    incoming: public ip > Exchange, this is done. I did 1:1 nat, added a firewall rule to allow and now we're successfully receiving mails.

    Outgoing: Exchange > IMSVA > public ip, this is where i've stuck, how can i do it?

    Actually this is what i need;

  • Don't assume trend micro is popular enough for people to recognize their awkward abbreviations.
    But I digress. With most similar products I've encountered, you smarthost Exchange to the mail scanner. On the firewall side, create an advanced out bound NAT rule with the source as the IMSVA's IP and the NAT address as the public IP of the mail server. Make sure outbound traffic from the VA is allowed out on the LAN firewall rules. It is by default.
    That screenshot reminds me how much I prefer the interface of pfSense over commercial firewalls…

  • I don't think my exchange configuration is ideal right now but i will migrate from exchange 2007 to 2013, delaying everything about it.

    I'm trying to test every available firewall/utm solutions which have downloadable software. So far pFsense feels like best among all. But certainly requires some dedicated effort to set it up.

    It all depends on how lazy i'm going to feel after finishing testing all.

    Your suggestion didn't work by the way, maybe i'm doing something wrong. Will check back tomoorow.

    Thank you.

  • at the end it was that simple, lol