Network drop packet - speed very slow

  • Hi all,
    I'm sory to say my English so bad.
    I’m building firewall – PFSense. The system is running on server HP Proliant DL 380 G6, including a dual gigabit network card.
    Version test: 2.0.1-RELEASE and 2.0.2-RELEASE
    Service running on: bandwidthd, impector, nut, openvpn, squid
    With following system model.
                WAN 1          WAN2
                    | (bce0)          |(bce1)
                    |                      |
    SERVER (em0)–PFSENSE--------DMZ (em1)
                                  | (bce2)

    I have 2 problem, please help me to solve that:
    At first, when I added 1 interface (nic port remaining – bce3), pfsense will be hung. So I cannot access pfsense, and all the network will drop all packet.
    Second, when I access, download file from Internet (bce0, bce1) or copy data from LAN to Server (em0) and DMZ (em1), all OK, with gigabit speed. But when I copy back from Server (em0) and DMZ (em1) to LAN the speed low (approximately 45 ~ 60 Kb).
    I try to change MTU and LRO (/etc/sysctl.conf file), there is not different before.
    Thanks all,