Dual WAN, 1 External (internet) and other Private network

  • Hi i am trying to do the following

    3 NIC

    1. WAN (DHCP <- connected to zyxel router (
    2. LAN ( <empty<br>3. opt1 (Static < connceted to SSG5 firewall ( {SSG5 connected to a our office network}

    FROM pfsense webui / shell
    i ping internet on WAN, it works
    i ping LAN, it works
    i ping opt1's gateway (, it works

    but if i ping something beyond opt1's gateway on another ipsec'ed network, FAIL

    i have been slamming my head around the forums about this but cant seem to find the right answer.

    please help.


  • Do a traceroute and see where it fails.  I suspect that the last device on your traceroute is not configured to route traffic from the originating subnet.