• I loaded the 2.1 snapshot on my new pfsense box mostly because I realized I had bought a board with NIC chips unsupported by the release of BSD the current pfSense version is built upon.

    Basic stats.
    GIGABYTE GA-C847N-D motherboard
    4g memory
    Dual Realtek 8111F gigabit NICs (onboard)

    So far the install has worked with an exception. Upon first boot I assigned my interfaces for WAN and LAN and configured IP successfully. Each time I reboot the device my LAN interface loses its IP and I have to manually assign IP, gateway and DHCP range via console before I can log in with the web configurator. Any ideas for this behavior?


  • What type of LAN you have?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I would expect this if the system could not read the config.xml file for some reason. What are you using for storage? Which install type?
    It can also happen if the config changes significantly, if you remove a NIC for example. You are obviously not doing that but I have also seen that when the driver cannot read the MAC correctly and assigns a random one instead. Do the NIC MACs change between boots?

    Also if you are booting from the CD and forget to take it out that will happen!  ;)


  • Ermal
    I'm trying to configure the box as a router/gateway. For the purposes of troubleshooting im not connecting the wan side of the router.

    The main storage is a 4gb satadom from innodisk. PfSense is fully installed to that on a single partition. Oddly PFsense has saved my login credentials and other settings simply not the LAN side configuration between boots. The NIC mac addresses seem to hold and match the printed address on the hardware itself.

    Hopefully this info helps

  • It was an issue generated from rearranging some v6 code.
    Latest git code or snapshot should behave correctly.