Multi Wan with Loadbalance / Failover

  • I have a PFSense box running 2.01 on a PC with 4 port 10/100 DLINK for WAN connections and a 1000mb intel card for LAN.

    Right now I have two WAN connections. WAN1 is an 80mb fibre connection running PPPOE to a VDSL modem. I have 16 IP's. WAN2 is a standard DSL connection with 8 IP's running at 10mb, purely routing, no login required.

    I have set up a failover group that goes from WAN1 to WAN2 in the event of a failure. I have around 12 companies running off this line, all tenants in the building I am in.

    I now want to introduce another fibre line (WAN3) but want to do something a little different. I would like to dedicate this line purely for VOIP traffic unless the primary fibre line fails. In that event I want say 10mb of the VOIP line to be segregated and guaranteed for the voip and the rest for data. Conversely if the VOIP line fails I need the same deal with voip running on the WAN1 fibre line). If both WAN1 & WAN3 lines go down (a possibility in the UK as all lines provided by openreach) I want both voip and data to failover to the DSL line where again voip has priority.

    Is it possible to achieve this with PFSense? Whenever I tried to use my WAN2 DSL line previously PFsense wouldn't let me as it was set up as a Tier 2 in the failover group.