Inifinite loop in installation and/or upgrade

  • I installed from the 1.0.1 LiveCD ISO. Everything checks out fine except the default name for the ethernet interface. Mines called 'dc0'. Now I upgrade the 'firmware' to Update 1-2-RC1. Reboot and get the message "Network interface mismatch". It then prompts for whether I want to do the VLANs, LAN interface and WAN interface. I say no to the VLANs, 'dc0' to the LAN and I don't have a WAN hooked up. At this point it seems to restart the query loop.

    I gave up and tried to boot the 1.0.1 LiveCD ISO. Same issue.

    Bug or pilot error?

  • pfSense requires 2 interfaces, one for lan and one for wan.  Your setup is not supported.  Either use vlans or buy another nic.

  • Thanks! I guess it was dumb luck I was able to install 1.0.1 with a single NIC.

  • Yep.  We have tightened down a lot of areas to prevent foot shooting.  That configuration could definitely lead to issues down the road.