• I have a pfsense (old HP server) on the job, but would love to have one at home. Cant find a complete kit tough.

    • serve a home network for 3 people ( only 2 to 3 concurrent devices)
    • almost everything is connected through wifi
    • proxy & dansguardian & firewall rules
    • virusscanner
    • powerfull (!) wifi N in the same enclosure
    • max € 300

    I took a look at netgate: no wifi N and with shipping to belgium to expensive.
    I took a look at old firebox appliances: couldnt find one and no wifi
    I took a look at the pfsense appliance  vendors page. Wifi seems a dealbreaker.

    Anyone? Thx!

    Assembly of the parts, is part of the fun. So doesn't need to be assembled kit.

  • pfSense doesn't support N at this point (please someone correct me if I'm wrong.)  So you'll end up with an "external" N Access Point.

    In theory, one could put together (or find) a box that you could mount an N Access Point inside along with the standard PC hardware running pfSense, but that's not exactly a turnkey kit.

  • Oh, I didn't see your edit while I was double checking some stuff for my post.

    If it doesn't need to be turn-key, you might be best off with a standard desktop with a couple extra network ports (single card with 2 ports, multiple cards, etc.)  Then add a WiFi N access point, or a few of 'em in strategic locations.

    You'll need to "tune" pfSense yourself, but all that should be able to be done on most desktops built in the last 5 years or so.  Storage might be a concern, depending on what you're doing with the proxy, I presume Squid caching, so a decent SSD would probably be good; modern 32GB SSDs are fairly cheap these days, and you'll want something with good wear leveling (and a reason not to go for an appliance that runs off a CF card, assuming you meant a caching proxy.)

  • Whoops! Didn't know that pfsense doesn't support N. That does explain why I couldn't find it :)
    A desktop is a possibility, but I was looking for a small all in one appliance (no moving parts and power consumption).

    Thx for the reply!