NAT reflection is not working.

  • Sorry for bumping a bit of an old thread but I have the same problem on 2.1 (Built on Fri Feb 1 01:15:41 EST 2013) but never had on earlier releases.
    I have tried both proxy and "pure" NAT reflections but none work, when I hit the external IP (or hostname) I just reach the web server on the pfsense box.

    I'm running IPv6 from HE, not sure if this could have anything to do with things. My Port Forwarding servers are just Ipv4. Access from the outside works fine (Running active sync om my mobile phone from 3G and some inbound port 25 stuff). But my webserver that has a bunch of websites needs to be accessed from the outside as split-brain dns is a pain in the ass..

    Any ideas?

  • Please start a new thread with info on your scenario, this person's problem was resolved and thread hijacking is not allowed.

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