Want to reach my inside web_server from outside

  • Can someone put a screen capture of the NAT/rules and NAT/port_forwad  so I can reach my server inside the lan when I am outside.

    My router ip =
    Pfsense Wan ip =
    Pfsense Lan ip =

    My web_server ip =
    The PC from which I want to reach the web_server is =

    Thanks …

  • why do people post the same thing in two different threads?

    attached you can see an example of NAT and FireWall rule (which is autocreated when you create the NAT entry)

    the server that should be accessible has the IP and runs on port 81.
    if you want to run your server on port 80 you need to change the webgui of pfsense to a different port.

    if you dont want to do that you can create a Virtual IP in your subnet on WAN and 1:1 NAT this VIP to your server.
    the server is then accessible via this VIP