IPv6 development – needs testing

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm currently implementing IPv6 support in pfSense.  I'm developing it in the HEAD branch, and I may commit it to RELENG_1 too.  This is a work that is very much in progress… please help me test it!

    Right now, I've already started with a few pages.  More to come!

    Thanks!!!  ;D

    [ simon.cpu ]

  • What is the status of this development?

  • IPv6 support is still in HEAD, but I haven't worked on it for the past few months because I have no sponsor anymore… =)

    [ simon.cpu ]

  • Simon,

    Apparently HEAD was dropped recently.  Check with the devs about maybe porting your work to RELENG_1 if you're still interested in pursuing this.

  • Hmmm… porting IPv6 features from the old HEAD seems to be a good hobby project... it seems to be a waste not to port my work to RELENG_1.  A bounty would be cool if enough people need this.  I'd still port it even without a bounty, but it will be at a "hobby pace". :)

  • The latest 1.3b12 and 1.3b13-pre releases of M0n0wall contain changes to bring in full (?) IPv6 support.

    Is it worth looking to see if these changes can be ported into pfSense ?

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