Suggestion for failover link needed.

  • I have a need to extend an internet feed to another location using wireless. But I will be implementing two paths via wireless to site B.

    Site A will have a pfsense box connected to internet, routing only with no natting. Plus two interfaces connected to two different wireless bridges.

    Site B will have two different wireless bridges connected to two different ports on a pfsense box routing only with no natting, plus a lan going to our application.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should use to do the automatic failover for the wireless links? I don't need load balancing or anything, just failover. It doesnt seem that ospf or bgp is built into pfsense yet and I am unsure if olsrd will handle this configuration.

    By the way, the pfsense boxes are VIA based using compact flash. Basically full install switched to embedded.

    And what happened to, it seems all the content has vanished?

    Any ideas are appreciated.