Should CARP VIP + LB VIP match?

  • I'm struggling to get a stable inbound LB CARP cluster working.  It currently continuously says its switching to the site down IP, then up, then down.  The Status: Load Balancer: Virtual Server page always changes to show some offline nodes but it too changes all the time.  I've created a LB POOL for each port I'm balancing (25,80, 443 etc).  I've created NAT rules for each node of the LB POOL.  The NAT rules allow traffic to each of the internal server nod IP's of the LB pool.

    Should the Load Balancer Virtual Server IP the same as the CARP WAN IP?

    Is there a difference between ICMP and TCP Monitor setting for the Load Balancer Virtual Server?  Is there a best choice?

    Or is there something else I'm missing?