1-2RC1 slow wan

  • Hi,

    We have more public ip with different services… one of them has pfsense.
    Now, with the last RC1 accessing from the pc behind pfsense to all these services (like streaming videos) are really slow/unusable.

    No Traffic Shaping. Ping response time seems to be as usual.

    We have had problem with these:


    no problem at all using
    old\pfSense-Full-And-Embedded-Update-1.2-RC1.tgz    2007-Jul-21 16:15:37


    ah... thanks for the great work!

  • We have also noticed some extreme slowdown on RC2.

       |       |
      Host1  pfSense

    If we scp a file from Client1 to Host1 we get a maximal speed of 433KB/s. 1 PCI Netgear and 1 SMC Dual Port PCI network cards.
    If we replace the pfSense with a small Linksys WRT54G we get 3.3MB/s for the same transfer (still not a speedking, but 7x faster than the 1GHz Athlon PC with 1GB of Ram running basic pfSense 1.2RC2 (have also tried up to the latest snapshot). No additional packages installed and no traffic shaping.


  • I have the same problem with RC2.
    I'm using the built in NIC on a MSI K9MM-V (via rhine) for LAN.
    An RTL 8139C+ for WAN
    An RTL 8139C+ for DMZ (Not configured)

    Downloads are restricted to 800 KBs
    Installing smoothwall 3.0 express results in downloads of nearly 5MBs
    Uploads are similar for both firewalls

    Does anyone know if this is a NIC problem?
    Will the next release fix this?


  • Hi

    sadly even with the latest snapshot this hasn't improved.


  • RC3 has solved my problems.
    I even used the SMP kernel!

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