Broadcom NetXtreme II & VLAN

  • Hello,

    I installed Pfsense 1.2 Rc1, with 4 Network cards (2 em:intel Pro Dual 1000 and 2 bce: Broadcom NetXtreme II)
    WAN on em0
    LAN  on bce0
    OPT1 on bce1
    OPT2 on em1

    On the webgui if i want to create a VLAN only the intel network cards are listed, my Broadcom cards don't appear.
    Any idea ?


  • Guess that means the freebsd driver doesn't support vlans on them.

  • Broadcom drivers are less than stellar on FreeBSD.  We suggest using Intel nics across the board.

  • Too bad for me, it's a DELL 2950 with 2 integrated Broadcom and i add a Dual intel.

    I found :
    "Not all NICs support 802.1Q VLANs - look for VLAN_MTU and VLAN_HWTAGGING options for your NIC in ifconfig. man vlan provides further info. I found though that my adapter (bce0) was not listed in man vlan but it did support the necessary options and worked with VLAN tagging."

    So i should work no ?