PfSense as a simple router -> a RST signal

  • Hi All,

    My Network:

    (LAN1) <-> (LAN NIC) | pfSense | (WAN NIC) <-> (LAN2)

    1. installed 1.2-BETA-2.
    2. Factory Default setting
    3. assign 2 NIC ip
    3. disabled all NAT (selected Advanced NAT, delete the autocreated rule)
    4. Add 2 rule on LAN/WAN to allow anything is pass.

    I can connect fron WAN to LAN but I can't connect from LAN to WAN
    I try to capture the packet and find that there is RST is generated when making connection on LAN to WAN.

    May I know what is missed in setup?


  • something to try, on the Advanced page, disable the firewall. Does it work then? If not, the problem isn't firewall rule related. If it does work without the firewall can you post screenshots of your firewall rules?