Error on startup: kernel: WARNING: pseudo-random number generator used for IPsec

  • Hi all, kinda new to pfsense and would appreciate some help.

    I have 2 pfsense boxes installed on site - the install and config is really easy - but I have recently seen an error at startup (I didn't hear the startup chime and investigated.

    Most of the startup seems to be going OK and I can log in via the web GUI but I noticed the error:

    kernel: WARNING: pseudo-random number generator used for IPsec processing

    and all further processing seems to stop.

    It worked OK while I was building it, then when I got it on site I installed squid and lightsquid and that is when the error seems to have started.

    I have googled the error but have found nothing specific enough to help.

    I was hoping someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction.

    I don't really want to uninstall squid and lightsquid, it's kinda why I put pfsense in (the customer wanted to know where all the traffic came from and went.)



  • That message is completely harmless and is only telling you how it is generating its random numbers.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Though it may be harmless it stops the textual startup from completing, that is I cannot see the pfsense text menu.

    If it were truly harmless should the startup not conclude in the normal manner?



  • It should be just a line in between the bootup process not preventing the startupmenu or anything else to be displayed and in fact it does break nothing for me. Maybe you have disabled the console menu at system>advanced?

  • Nope, the console is not disabled.

    Anyway, I managed to do what I needed to (install/assign another NIC) via the GUI (temporary blindness stopped me the first time) and it seems to run OK.

    pfSense version 1.0.1
    lightsquid 1.7.1
    ntop 3.2_2
    squid 2.6.5_1-p15

    Cheers and thanks.