• hi
    i used to have usrobotics dsl modem i was able to access my pfsense server using the follwoing setup:

    security > dmz > fill the wan ip of pfsense

    i now have speedtouch i did the followings trying to be able to access my pfsense box from wan:

    network > devices > assin the public ip address of a connection to a device > select the pfsense box.

    on the pfsense box i did the follwoings:

    interfaces > wan > type = dhcp

    1-i am not able to access the internet as client
    2- pfsense box cant see the packages to download

    even if i try to get the private ip from speedtouch via dhcp pfsense cant see the internet
    but if i punch in the ip as fix ip, every thing works fine.

    any boy having speed touch managed to fix this issue?

    thanks in advance


  • Set the speedtouch to bridge mode and do the configs on the pfsense box

  • bingo

    thanks a lot man

  • hi again

    i have a problem now, msn messenger cant sing in on my client's pc's, how to fix this?

    help is apreciated